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Laaaaazy ♥

I'm just born like that ~ the he

A lot have happend, and yet nothing!
Not true, I've spend gorgerous hours with people I love such as ~ Kristine, Mom, Dad and others!

Besides this I've had my first economic schok when it comes to moving out! Mom did make me calm down afterwards though, but it was scary to see 1300DKK dissapper at once from your bank account on something that WASN'T funiture!
- But it was mostly one-time-buys, like bucket and mop, when it all come down on paper it wasn't that expensive afterall :D *phew* !

I got my own appartment! Dudes and Dudedetts!
25kvm, Own bath and kitchen and it's ground lvl! *__* 
- And ofcause I Can bring my clog-hating Bunny

Besides spending money on moving out, I managed to earn 600DKK off budget so I went shopping on Bodyline's Homepage
And it's allready shipped out!

Here is what I'm happily awaiting!

These two in Yellow!

These in Pink!

I ordered the Socks in blue!

All orderes in light pink!

And last, a pair of these in pink!

I'm almost done shopping cosplays aswell!
It came down to these three!

- Fruits Basket , Kyo
- Rozen Maiden , Suiseseki
- D N Angel , Hiwatari

All I need is to buy the wigs for Suiseseki and Kyo. To buy a shirt for Kyo and to sew and fix the stuff I already got! (And if my economi allows me to, Lenses for Hiwatari!)

I'm a happy person :D

Next week I'ma spend awesome times with zarsu and blackangelriku 
  Gonna be a bunch of great fun and taking pictures *__* 


All for now people! Stay awesome!

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