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Laaaaazy ♥

I'm just born like that ~ the he

A lot have happend, and yet nothing!
Not true, I've spend gorgerous hours with people I love such as ~ Kristine, Mom, Dad and others!

Besides this I've had my first economic schok when it comes to moving out! Mom did make me calm down afterwards though, but it was scary to see 1300DKK dissapper at once from your bank account on something that WASN'T funiture!
- But it was mostly one-time-buys, like bucket and mop, when it all come down on paper it wasn't that expensive afterall :D *phew* !

I got my own appartment! Dudes and Dudedetts!
25kvm, Own bath and kitchen and it's ground lvl! *__* 
- And ofcause I Can bring my clog-hating Bunny

Besides spending money on moving out, I managed to earn 600DKK off budget so I went shopping on Bodyline's Homepage
And it's allready shipped out!

Here is what I'm happily awaiting!

These two in Yellow!

These in Pink!

I ordered the Socks in blue!

All orderes in light pink!

And last, a pair of these in pink!

I'm almost done shopping cosplays aswell!
It came down to these three!

- Fruits Basket , Kyo
- Rozen Maiden , Suiseseki
- D N Angel , Hiwatari

All I need is to buy the wigs for Suiseseki and Kyo. To buy a shirt for Kyo and to sew and fix the stuff I already got! (And if my economi allows me to, Lenses for Hiwatari!)

I'm a happy person :D

Next week I'ma spend awesome times with zarsu and blackangelriku 
  Gonna be a bunch of great fun and taking pictures *__* 


All for now people! Stay awesome!

My practice Comic!

 Hello everyone!
As promised, here is the comic I made during internship!


Leave a comment`?


My oh my something just happend!

First of all, I'm going to go have a look at an Apartment next week with a great chance of becoming miiiine!
- But as said last time plans has changed and the Location has moved north on the map, not that I mind as it acturally only will make a bunch of things easier to attend~

Beside that, thexness cured all my prejudices about Fruits Basket and I've been watching the anime during just two days (~ = v=)~ And as she is Cosplaying Momiji for Genki 2010 I have now come to want to cosplay as Kyo as I feel I totally relate to alot of the things he does and the way he thinks~
- I decided to, insted of spending my incoming money (I sold my Doll) on Cosplaying, so I intend on finishing my Sousesuki cosplay aswell! You see, I bought the cosplay in Japan, the vest is torn so I'll have to make a new one, and the wig I got sucked tbh.. So here's what I need to finish the Cosplays!!

www.farvedelinser.dk/product_info.php x2
www.farvedelinser.dk/product_info.php  x1
(since I'm bound to use strength in my lenses I decided to go with brown as Sousesuki's red eye as red don't come with strength)

www.t-kingdom.com/shopping/english/page1300_english.shtml x1

~Still looking for a proper one for Sousesuki~

Sousesuki Clothing:
I too eed to make a new vest, that will be handmade~

Kyo Clothing:
I'm counting on buy 2'nd hand and/or sew myself~


Tuddles for now!

Motivation loss!

My gosh I have been laaaaaaaazy!

So much has happend since my last reply and I feel horrible for been away so long!

So I will for now just draw the highlights!

I've had great times with friends fore an exaple I've been to a meetup in Århus, best picnic ever
zarsu , blackangelriku and I joined together to put the event on it's feet!
We showed up about 20 people, ate our lunch and had a great time in the sun, the weather was so to say, PERFECT! ~ So I got a sunrash *whimp*

Then I scored the best internship ever imaginable for person like me!
"Tegnestuen - Over Floden" (Pro Freelancers under one roof) agreed to take me in for a whole week to get a look at the profession as an fulltime artist and it was really good experience to hang around them and I was too challenged to draw some comic/manga pages and I made it to 9 pages, finished lineart, in 3½ day!
- They assured me that if I went for a goal as manga artist or just artist I would have a great chance to put my name up!

During this week I went to see (most of) Iron man 2 with thexness 

/ I promise to upload the 9 pages when I get to scan 'em!

And about that!
Today I was at my Bigbrother who's helping me gather the needed materials to built a neeeeeaaaat computer for me, and everything has come home! The rams were even set to arrive the 15th but showed up yesterday!
Ontop of that Logitech sent a free media keyboard so I had more money to spend on a good screen!
So in about 3-4 days I'll finally have my own computer back up running!

But all good sides has a backside~

I was meant to move to Viborg to enter my education for the next 2 years, but as I started looking for an apartment/A room it appears that none of the housing company's withind the pricing and distance allows Rabbits under their roofs!
- And I ain't goin' NOWHERE without Goliath I tellz ya!
So I'm now looking for apartments all over Denmark so to speak to find one that allows me to keep my baby and then I'll change school when I found one!!

I can't live without her~

This whole situation caused my Depression to break out again, so I'm fighting once more, hoping it will be allright in a short periode of time~


But that's all for now people!
I will try and keep up with my updates! DX




Things has beeng going the right direction lately, Like:

I'm gonna have my new computer before I know it.
Got my Camera brack from FREE Repair this weekend

I got myself an art-job drawing a mascot! MONEEEH!
I Finally did something about my hair


(should, should not get extes? - leave a comment!)

Besides all this I started a Sugar-Detox, All by myself!
I'm quitting the sugar till I get a more healthy lifestyle.
The rules are simple, No sugar related food only day allowed to feed on things like Chips and Pepsi Max
(the only well-tasting soda I know of)
is Saturday!

Well there has been one Minus this month, I shouldn't have told the
Municipality tha I was to recive vacation salary. Now they hold my money back till I showed a bank statement so they can substract the Vacation salary from my regular Salary. SUCKS!
- But I've sold a few things so it's close to make it up for the lost money!



Sadness is sad..

Hey Peeps..

Short entry from the mouse..

Last friday I went to thexness and we had a good time all friday, preparing for Hanami the coming up saturday and sunday.
She Cut my hair and pre-curled it for the upcoming day.
We made a stuffed lunch-box in pretty much hanged out,

Saturday we dressed up gorgerous and went to the park where Hanami was settled.

It was.. How to put it...


But we did our best to put up with it while meeting people and friends.
I even got to meet a friend from Gaia Online I've been texting for 5 years now

Here's what I wore for Saturday

We excaped the park early and hoped for better wether the upcoming day - It DID increase.. but not a whole lot..
We had yet another great time before two friends and I had to head back to Judland.
- At this point I was tired and seriously bitchy and I apologize for that D:

Since then I've been pretty much unlucky about everything I attendet..
I was even told I couldn't get Contact's.. So my dreams about my upcoming fursuit faded quite bad..

I too must admit I'll be going back to stakling my Crush.. I doub I'm even his type or he would give me a chance to prove myself worthy to him.. So I might just aswell become work addicted and leave children, house and car to the partner I'll never have..

So yeah.. A bunch of puke, but that's my life atm.. Sadly..

I hope you'll all take care and treasue those golden memories and good times..
You never know when something will bring you down..

P.S. thexness I miss being around you


Harruuu peeeeepleeees! ♥

Sorry, it has been a while, once again D:

And sadly I'm not up for a major update like the past one..
- But I'll thorw you a shortie *SO SHE SAID LAST NIGHT!* ~~

I've been spending a lot of time on preparing for school coming up,;
And all that getting an apartment, what to bring along and what to toss - What can be sold?
- It's one big hard time DX *DO NOT APPROVE*

Besides all the stressing stress, None of me weekend are free till May 8th... THAT'S ALL WEEKENDS IN APRIL OCCUPIED! D:

Last weekend I went to a friend of mine to pamper our Doll's
- It was loads of fun, dollies, movies and whatever..
And Pebbles, my Dollfie Dream Head 01 had herself a new makeover!
- I won't be showing her off thill I got to make her clothes though ♥ so please be pathient~~

This weekend I'm going to Hanami in Copenhagen/Langelinie ~ Which I'm looking forward too, also because I get to stay at thexness  the entire weekend ♥

The two weekends after that I'm hoping for some awesome Motercycle-fun with my Dad ♥ the last weekend we might go all the way to F'ing Sweden! I can't wait! XD

This might look like a lot, But trust me.. it isn't!

Now with a future!

Harruuu peeps!

It has been a while since my last update D: And I'm sorry!

But what I've done the past week or so will be mentioned today! :3

Monday last week; My Mom and I went on a window-shopping-spree in Aarhus ^__^ we didn't really buy anything, but a day with mom is good after all ♥

Tuesday last week; Well spend with my good Friend Sa-chan, I got to order the "Awake"- Album with Skillet, and I bought myself Animal Crossing for Nintendo DS! Missed that Game!

Wedensday last week; I went to Aarhus with my mom once more. And I went to hand over a doll I just sold. Her new owner seemed so happy about her, which only makes me happy to take part with one of these lovely creations ♥
- Besides that My dad took me along to watch a handball match! I'm not really "sporty" or nothing, but the Atmosphere! OMG!! Never felt so exicted about sport!
.. but because of the lady sitting next to me I couldn't let my excitement all out. SHE LOOKED IN A TOTAL DIFFERENT DIRECTION THAN THE PLAYERS! DX;;

Thursday last week; Mom and I packed our stuffies and went off to the western sea! - I havn't been to that part of Denmark for almost a year henc to a MAXI-FAIL Relationship D;
But it was neat.. We even got to bring Goliath along... ~MEMO; Goliath does not like being walked in lace = 1cm Bite-wound on my left-hand knuckles ;__;

We stayed till Monday this week, and during the stay we shopped in Germany, Looked/Sweared at Tourists and went to see some attractions ourselfs!

BEST EVENT!; The Mini-zoo! I high-fived a small monkey! XD And there was Lions and Monkeys And Horses, and donkeys and foxes and KangAroos and much more! SOOO MUCH FUN!

Monday after heading home I head out again to crash at some friends in Viborg because I had an Interview at a school I'm attending this August :3

Today I went there, Got the Interview done and now I just need to pay up and I'm in!

Next month's will be about finding a place to live in Viborg, WHICH MEANS!

- and she's excited!

April is Pretty Booked for my point of view to be honest, all weekends till 8th of may is booked up by friends and family! - WISH ME LUCK! ♥

Happy Easter!


This Weekend I was with a couple of friends, good times!
We watched old Danish Children's show for an entire evenin' and I saw my Friend Fursuit!
I Bought Saw VI <3 And had the honor of watching yet another masterpiece!

And none the less, I got to fursuit myself! I Borrowed his second Fursuit named "Alpha" and Put his dignity to a limit by being dressed completely in Lolita! XD
- Mucho fun!

I Sooooo can't wait to get my own!!!

Besides that I got to borrow their Scanner, so I made a lovely update on my Deviantart; ddamgaard.deviantart.com/
Go have a look and leave a comment! <3

Btw, The loads of pictueres will be on a limit for the next month or so since my Camera has gone on a repair-vacation ;__;

Soo.. Money on Wensday.. What to spend it on.. I know D:
A Samsung hot thing working as both Computer Screen AND TV :D 22" Computer screen... YU-UM!
bye bye to 1800DKK from that one D:

Besides that I'm going to throw the first half of the Payment on Mousy, My Fursuit :3 I sold one doll for 1200DKK, so only 300DKK Leaves my Paycheck for that purpose..

Hmm What else to buy..
- I should properly start saving up for when I'm going to move out! Deposit for some of the Apartments is like 8000DKK X__X
And I still lack a loads of stuff for the apartment, like Vaccumcleaner and a mini owen.. Cannot live without!


This or next week I'll receive a VOLKS Dolfie Dream! My Last doll! .. Not that I believe in this..
There won't be pictures of her before after the 11th of April though!!

Wow this could end up as a major update :o
- So I'll stop here for now!


Mousy, Over and out!

Packidy Pack!

Muhufufu-fu Dear Readers!
- Mousy Speaking.. Who else it could be, I do not know D:

Today have been spend in bed once again... some of the time.. well.. not for long acturlly XD

Since I completed Trauma Center Yesterday I had nothing to tend to!
- So I tried on my Yukata, to figure if that was what I'm going to wear for Hanami..
.... And I don't think so XD I can't seem to put it on cerrectly with no help..


... What on earth did I DO today?

Oh yes! I finally Started drawing again!

I had two unfinished Commisions from Gaia Online that had to be done, So in my boredom I took my markers and Paper and started making the two orders..

- AND OMG! Did they turn out awesome! :o

Sinse I'm still without a scanner you can have them in lousy Camara-phone quality for now X3

I Promise for better Quality asap! D:

What I'm going to do before bedtime will be;
Taking a shower
Packing stuff for the Weekend
Cuddle my Bunny
Head to bed!

That's all for today peeps!

Goodnight ~ ♥